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July 8, 2021 Camberley: Disruption Comedy

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Disruption Comedy



Stephen Grant - Headliner

Along with his clutch of awards and critical acclaim, Stephen Grant must surely be the hardest working comedian in the UK.

He is a regular compere of Komedia in Brighton, which has won Best Comedy Venue in the South for an unprecedented 7 years and still finds the time to headline and MC comedy and corporate gigs all over the country.

He is also a regular guest on The Cutting Edge, a presenter on BBC Southern Counties Radio, and a warm up artist up and performer on some of the biggest comedy shows on TV.

It is easy to see why Stephen is so popular, he possesses the energy and intellect to create great comedy. His speed and dynamism create a magical energy which has audiences rapt and hanging onto his every word.

“Right from the word go his audience were in fits of laughter as we were subjected to his relentless comedy… comedy bordering on genius.” ****** Three Weeks


Pierre Hollins - Support

On stage Pierre has relaxed amiability, compelling conversational style and a confidence borne out years spent honing his craft.

Absurd guitar posturing adds another dimension to his act. The ‘songs’ are jokes that rhyme and never travel down the easy route of parodies.

He covers a wide range topics – love, hate, sex and politics with a original voice, delivering the material with charm and irrelevance.

‘An unsung hero of comedy. Don’t miss this true professional at work. Bloody funny.’ Time Out


Russell Hicks - Compere

Anarchic, unbridled and unfiltered. Russell Hicks is a risk-taking comic whirlwind who captivates audiences everywhere with his razor-sharp wit, astounding observations and slick audience take-downs.

From the moment he steps on stage, crowds are hooked by his infectiously rebellious personality and unapologetic style as he delivers entirely original comedy content right there in front of your eyes.

“Astonishing, astonishing and astonishing. He simply took the roof of the place leaving people talking about his act all night. His entire 20 minutes was totally improvised based entirely on audience interaction. Brilliant” Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club